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like this:


website portfolio pages tailored for actors and artists. fully responsive (ALL THE DEVICES). built in SEO (ALL THE BROWSING). free hosting (ALL THE PARKING).

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this space is intentionally left not blank.

also this:


vintage rehab, denim rehab, waxing canvas, new design, led wearables, costumes, clothes, bags, custom soft goods of all shapes and sizes. this is totally my passion project and my main design|make. add psychedelic fur to the inside of that jean jacket. do it. replace the lining of that favorite purse. design that cape. make that custom waxed canvas diaper laptop bike bag.

make it happen

and like this:


women helping women, sharing ideas, sharing skills, brainstorming over cake and wine, community and confidence building.

come hang

this space is intentionally left not blank.

Random designers are a dime a dozen in Brooklyn. Things about me that you may or may not care about: I’m a mom. I mostly work at night. I’m affordable. This picture is my grandpa. I respect your work. I respect you. Let’s figure it out.

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